Women in Engineering (WiE)

Women in Engineering (WiE)

Women in Engineering (WiE) is a group that was started in 2012 when a group of like-minded female engineers decided to get together and form an engineering group of IEPNG mainly for the women/female engineers. It was officially recognized and endorsed by the IEPNG Council in 2013.

The vision of Women in Engineering (WiE) is for engineering to become an inclusive profession which values, supports and celebrates the contributions of women and men towards making engineering diverse and inclusive profession.

The Women in Engineering contributes to the achievement of the Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) Strategic Plans by identifying strategies and recommending to the Board actions to address the specific needs of their identified cohort. They work in conjuction with the appropriate Branches to support their activities and also address specific needs per objectives.

Our objectives are to: 

  • Attract women of all ages to engineering careers.
  • Retain women in engineering.
  • Support women throughout their engineering careers.
  • Celebrate the achievements of women in engineering

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Identify strategies and recommend actions to increase the number of female members in Papua New Guinea
  • Identify strategies and work with IEPNG staff to embed Registed Engineers as the default professional credential
  • Work with colleges, technical societies and IEPNG staff to implement approved strategies into the normal operations of each college, technical society and division, including undertaking joint activities
  • Arrange for an appropriate range of events and other activities in accordance with the WiE approved plan to address needs that cannot be normally met through other Institution channels.

Annual Reports:

2020 Annual Report

WiE Committee:

Chair Lady

Mrs. Edea Bouraga

Mechanical Engineer, Unitech 1999

Joined WiE: 2012 (During Inaugural)

Works: Inside Out Ltd

Aspire to inspire young women engineers to be competent and to confidently contribute to the development of PNG and for PNG to be recognised as the BEST Women Engineer producer in the World.

Deputy Chair

Ms. Puka Thoa

Electrical Engineer - Com, Unitech 1995

Joined WiE: 2019

Works: ExxonMobil PNG Limited

Aspire to encourage young women to work together, be helpers and be a good team player in the organization.


Ms. Scholly Masueng

Civil Engineer, Unitech 2004

Joined WiE: 2012

Works: PNG Ports Ltd

Aspire to create a network of all female engineers to support each other, share knowledge, experience and provide mentoring to young female Engineers


Ms. Vicky Saramasi

Electrical Engineer - Com, Unitech 2015

Joined WiE: 2019

Works: Telikom PNG Limited

Aspire to build confidence and learn from other women engineers on how to inspire the next generation of young engineers.



Committee Member

Ms. Geogina Yarra

Mechanical Engineer, ??

Joined WiE: 201?

Works: Telikom PNG Limited

Aspires to...

Committee Member

Rachael Ivai3
Ms. Rachael Mounah Ivai

Civil Engineer, Unitech 2006

Joined Branch: 2017

Works: Water PNG Limited

Aspire to be part of an Engineering body that provides support to other Engineers in terms of work placement and salary grievances

Committee Member

Mrs. Glenda Kolam-Paka

Electrical Engineer-Comms, Unitech 2015

Joined WiE: 2019

Works: PNG Air Services Limited

Aspire to be a role model in motivating young Papua New Guineans to endeavor in challenging Engineering roles

Committee Member

Ms. Miriam Louma

? Engineer, Power, Unitech 201?

Joined WiE: 2019

Works: Mineral Resources Authority

Aspire to ??


2020 Planned Activities:

The activities of the Women in Engineering is tied into the Branches where representatives fromt the Committee are. However, below are the activities and the location for the activities:















Committee Meeting




Women in Engineering Seminar



Meet and Greet





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