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The Independent State of Papua New Guinea implemented the “Professional Engineers (Registration) (Amendment) Act 2007 (PERA) to:

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What is an Accord?

An accord refers to an official arrangement whereby countries or groups reach an agreement in which all involved parties conform and consent to a shared goal or aspiration. An accord represents a concurrence of opinions and shared motivations, with each group working toward the same outcome. An example of this would be the Washington accord, whereby participating countries ensure a country tertiary educational programme are substaintially equivalent and their outcomes are consistent.

Find below the different Accords that the Institition refers to as the requirements. 

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Code of Ethics

The respect which society accords the engineering and technology professions is earned and maintained by its members demonstrating a strong and consistent commitment to ethical values that the community accepts and recognises.

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Annual Reports

On an annual basis, the Institution holds an Annual General Meeting where the Council comprising of the President and the Council/Board members are present where matters of the Institution are presented and discussed with the members of the Institution.

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The Institution holds Conferences to get engagement from notable engineers and other engineering professionals. It also encourages the profession to get together to network and build a strong relationship.

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