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In line with the Institution strategic plans, read up on updates and plans on how each of the initiatives of 2020 are coming along

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Refer to the members list for all registered engineers and members of The Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG)

Resource Centre

Resource Centre

Looking for information in relation to the Institution or the engineering profession? Please refer to the Resource Centre to get more information on the Consitution, annual reports, publications and other information.



Do you know where you would like to go to get involved in the Institution activities and get engaged in adding value to the profession in Papua New Guinea? Here is the place to start that journey and build the community of active engineers or professional in Papua New Guinea.


Members Register

The Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea Incorporated (IEPNG) per regulated by the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2007 maintains a list of Registered Engineers who gets the title as RegEng. This register is gazetted quarterly in the newspapers for public viewing and also avaiable online. This is to ensure engineering professionals working in Papua New Guinea have been assessed to be competent to carry out engineering works. Any engineering professional who is not registered or cannot be found on the register will penalized in accordance with the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2007.

This register should not be confused with the Member Roll which contains a list of all Registered Engineers who are usually under the membership of MIEPNG / FIEPNG. The Roll has other listed members to the Institution who have interest to the Engineering Profession.

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