In Papua New Guinea, the Law says that to work as an engineer in Papua New Guinea, one must be registered with the Professional Engineers Registartion Board (PERB). Whether  you live in the country or outside the country, to perform as an engineer for any project within Papua New Guinea, one must be registered with the PERB.

Being an Act:

  1. to provide for the establishment of a Professional Engineers Registration Board; and;
  2. to provide for the registration of professional engineers; and;
  3. to provide for a Registrar of registered engineers; and;
  4. to provide for the Regulation of registered engineers; and;
  5. to reserve identifying titles for registered engineers; and;
  6. for related purposes

The PERA specifies a Board to be established. In PNG the Council of the Institution of Engineering PNG Inc is also the Professional Engineers Registration Board. Members of the IEPNG Council and the PERB are the same people but they will wear different hats as required. 

Below provides some clarity on the Governing Body and the specific roles and responsibilities:

Professional Engineers Registration Act Amended 2007

Administered by →

Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG)

Professional Engineers Registration Board (PERB):

Same as

Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) Council:

  • Chair person
  • President
  • Deputy Chair person
  • Vice President
  • Past Chair person
  • Past President
  • Secretary / Registrar
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • 4 Elected Board Members / 2 appointed Members
  • 4 Elected Council Members / 2 Appointed Members

Roles & Responsibilities

Per the PERA Sec 8:

  1. the registration of a person qualified to be a registered engineer; and;
  2. the provisional registration of a person qualified to be a provisionally registered engineer; and
  3. the deregistration of a person registered as a registered engineer or as a provisionally registered engineer; and
  4. on advice from the Institution, to determine the qualifications and standards of qualifications for registration and provisional registration in the various fields of professional engineering; and
  5. to conduct investigations into the activities and conduct of registered engineers or provisionally registered engineers.
  6. to conduct investigations into the activities of any person, Company, Statutory Body, Government Body or Organisation that undertakes, or employs others to undertake professional engineering works (including design work, investigations and other investigation carried out offshore).

Compared to

Per the Institution Constitution Sec 11.3:

  1. The Board shall at all times, in governing the affairs of the Institution, give priority to facilitating the advancement of the Mission as stated in Sec 3 mainly to enhancing the quality of life of the people of Papua New Guinea by the responsible and creative application of engineering by its mission to the Community and Members:
    1. Advance the practice of engineering in the interests of the safety, well-being, and the quality of life of members of the community.
    2. Promote an engineering management and practice style that will ensure sustainable development of the environment.
    3. Assure the community of the quality of the engineering profession by a continuous process of accreditation of qualifications and monitoring the competency standards of the profession.
    4. and encourage high technical and ethical standards.
    5. Sustain standards with ethics and discipline.
    6. Encourage innovative solutions
    7. Facilitate the acquisition and sharing of knowledge.
    8. Represent their interests.
  2. At the end of each financial year the Board shall prepare an Annual Statement of Accounts which after being certified by the Auditor shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting
  3. The Board shall prepare an Annual Report that shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting

Governing Board / Council Members



Ms. Finkewe Zurecnuoc, ML, FIEPNG RegEng
  • Electrical Engineer, 
  • PNG Universirty of Technology
  • Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology
  • FQZ Integrated Enginering Services
  • 38 years of enginering experince (25 years mining, 4 years academia, 9 years consultancy)

Deputy President

jhemyltonJoseph Hamylton
  • Engineer, Unitech
  • Stocks & Partners

Past President

Brian Alois
  • Enginer, Unitech
  • Department of Works 


Mr Christopher Kobal
  • Engineer, Unitech
  • PNG University of Technology
  • 10 years experiance in the oil and gas industry


Mr. Kiu Miin Fung (John)
  • Enginner, Unitech
  • Vision Mechinical & Electrical Ltd


Mrs. Edea Bouraga
  • Mechinical Engineer, Unitech
  • Inside Out Limited


Mr. Andrew Hametsberger
  • Mechinical Engineer, Unitech 2010
  • Exxon Mobil PNG Limited
  • 9 years industry experience (2 in mining and 7 in oil & gas)


Ms. Elsie Loth
  • Engineer, Unitech
  • Department of Works


Mr Franz Hemetsberger
  • Electrical Engineer, Queensland
  • Newcrest Mining Engineer
  • 17 years of experience in mining industry
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