The Intitution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) is managed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is appointed by the Council of the Instituion. The CEO is provided guidance from the Council and also performanced assessed on a periodic basis for continued improvement and sustaining of IEPNG.


Below is the organization chart of the Institution followed by basis roles and responsibilities for each of the sections:

Staff Org Chart

Below general roles and responsibilities of each of the staff of the institution are:

Chief Executive Officer

  • Provide overall management of the Institution
  • Acts as the Registrar of the Professional Engineers Registration Board
  • Engages with all relevant engineering companies to provide information and support

Training & GPDP Coordinator

  • Coordinates any in-house training offered by the Institution from registration of participants, identifying trainer and facilitator, advertisements and preparations for the training
  • Assists in the Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) to ensure the appropriate services are provided to the members registered or applying for the Program

Member Services Coordinator

  • Acts as main contact point for questions relating to memberships of the Institution
  • Checks all membership applications and notifies of any missing or relevant documents
  • Updates membership database in terms of application status, expiration, and general services
  • Provides guidance to member service officers

Branch Liaison Officer

  • Acts as the main contact point for all Branch activities
  • Provides administrative support to all Branch activities in terms of storing of information, keeping an up to date record of finances and general information
  • Coordinates and ensures all Branches follows the appropriate processes in delivering consistent services
  • Works with all Branch Chairman’s to ensure Branch activities are conducted as planned

Finance & Administration Coordinator

  • Administers and keeps records of all financial transactions
  • Coordinates and works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure Annual Meetings and Dinners are planned and organized
  • Plans and delivers Board / Council meetings
  • Acts as the scribe during Board, annual and other Institution meetings
  • Provides guidance to the IT Officer and Debtor & Compliance Officer to ensure appropriate duties are done
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