The Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea has a long history even before the Country’s Independence in 1975. Below provides a brief history of the Institution followed by a visual timeline.

The Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) of Papua New Guinea Incorporated was incorporated in January 1973. It was the brainchild of like minded civil engineers who at that time were employed by COMWORKS of Australia and several civil enginering lectrurers from the PNG University of Technology. The SPE later changed its name to the Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) Incorporated. The IEPNG Inc is registered as an Association under the Associations ACT of Papua New Guinea. The Institution names changed under the Associations Act of Papua New Guinea from the Society of Engineers to Institution of Engineers in 1997. The office then moved from Lae to Port Moresby again in 2007 where it now currently operates out from.

In 1987, the Professional Engineers Registartion Act (PERA)was first tabled in the Parliament of Papua New Guinea by an Electrical Engineer, Mr Lennie Aparima, the MP for Obura Waninara in the Eastern Highlands Province. The Independent state of Papua New Guinea established an Act of the National Parliament called the Professional Engineers Registration Act (PERA).  When this ACT was initailly tabled and enacted, it was restricted to those registering those engineers expending public money.

In 2007, the PERA was amended to give more power to the PERB, this amendement included the registration of all engineering and not just those that expend public money. A second review of the PERA being undertaken now.



Institution Historical Timeline

Historical Timelin

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