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On 2 October 2020, the IEPNG hosted a luncheon and invited many of PNGs oldest engineers, including those that were the first to graduate from the Institute of Higher Technology (PNG University of Technology today). Invitations was sent out to those that graduated from PNGUT up until 1985 and our older expatriate members as well.

During the Luncheons, discussions were held on ways to assist the very senior and first PNGean engineers from UNITECH with the CBA Application and Registration.

The IEPNG intends to host more of such gatherings so if our email missed you this time, please contact us and leave us your email address and phone numbers.


Seated L to R:  Andrew Pinge, Ms Finkewe Zurecnuoc (Current President), Sevesoa Maso (Past President), Amo Mark (Past President), Pae Gure, Kevin Hani, Ila Koko.

Standing Middle Row L to R:  Kas Kutan, Ifren Neheja, Apin Wazob, Mindi Pombo, Ms Elisabeth Poma, Joseph Hamylton (Current Deputy President), Garona Seseka, Bamake Rumbam, Francis Kaupa, Loth Zauya,

Standing back Row L to R:  Nelson Famudi, Peniel Pitalot (Past President), Vagi Gamoga, Joseph Hamylton (Past President), Joseph Jangett, Lawrence Stocks, Bruce Nicholson.






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