Graduate Professional Development Program

Written by Administrator

Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) is a four year Program that all IEPNG registered Graduate undergo upon accepting by the Institute as a Graduate Member. Upon joining IEPNG as a Graduate member and getting accepted, a GPDP Log Book will be issued to the member (including the GPDP invoice) and it contains the Method, guideline and the process of using the Logbook and how to write up report.

A GPDP report must be submitted every six (6) months to the IEPNG for assessing and would continue for the duration of Four (4) years. When the graduate member has successfully submitted all the reports a total of eight (8) reports they are then qualify to be elevated to the next level of their professional status and would be ask by the institution to apply for Full membership to the Institution.


1. Once the Graduate membership is approved by member service and the Board, a log book is sent out with the Invoice for the current year or four years.

2. The engineers then fills out first summary sheet and submits with its first month’s report to the office then follow by 6 monthly reports.

3. Once the yearly report is received from the person then it is sent to the GPDP assessment committee for their assessment and comments if the engineer is doing what he is required to do or need assistance from the office to engage him with another project from time to time with in his location and speciality.

4. After the four years of his reports, the assessors are able to determine  that he is eligible to apply for full registration then they advice the office to advice the graduate and forward him the application forms to be filled out and submit with his full or detailed experience report to the Membership Assessment Committee for upgrade membership to member.