Graduate Membership

Graduate Membership

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This membership category is for young engineers who have graduated from recognized university in a field of engineering and with less than 4 years of experience. It is a requirement that the young engineer participates in a Graduate Development Program (GPDP) either with the institute or an institute endorsed graduate development program. They shall be engaged in engineering works for their experience.

Joining the Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) as a Graduate Member gives you an early start to your career to eventually becoming a Professional Engineer. The Institution encourages graduates to become members and participate in activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences that are organised to help the graduate in their academic pursuits for excellence.

The process of admission to Graduate Member status of the Papua New Guinea Institution of Engineers requires the following:

  1. Completion of a formal course of study extending over a period of not less thano four years of full time study, or its part time equivalent at tertiary level
  2. Completion over a minimum of four years of the IEPNG approved Graduate Professional Development Program
  3. Satisfactory completion of the Professional Assessment

The progression pathway is as follows:

Student Member ----> Graduate Member (4 years after graduating and working & undertaken GPDP) ----> Member ---> Fellow

It is a requirement by the Professional Engineers Registration Act that a engineering professional MUST be registered and be a Member of IEPNG in order to practice engineering in Papua New Guinea.


Being a technician member of the IEPNG provides you with the following:

  • Access to all annual reports and journals
  • Accrediation of qualifications per Accords
  • etc...


To be eligible to apply to be a Graduate Member, you have to meet the following criterias to a minimum: 

  • Graduated and hold a qualification recognised by the Institution

How to Register

To apply to become a Graduate Member, fill in the application form, and send it to IEPNG with the required application and Membership fees. Refer below for additional guidance on filling out the different forms:

  • CA01 – Application for membership & Registration
    • Following sections are not applicable for your case so leave blank:
      • 6.3 Work Samples
      • 6.4 Competence Assessment – evidence checklist
        • Competence Self Review Form (Form CA03)
        • Referee Declaration and Evaluation Form (Form CA06)
        • Supporting work samples
      • 7. Referees
      • 8.2 Return of work samples
      • Payment details (page 9-12) – this is for information purposes only. No need to fill the last page on amount


  • CA04 – Work History Summary
    • If you have worked somewhere else, fill in the details
    • If this is your first employment, just fill in the first row and leave the rest blank


  • CA05 – Summary of Professional Development Activities undertaken
    • If you have not gone through any short course, conference, reading, technical lectures, formal study towards qualification, research, discussion groups, workshops, symposia, voluntary service roles then this is not applicable. Indicate on the top (or as apppropriate) of the form that that is the case and send the form blank
    • If you have gone through any of the activities, do list them down and submit

Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP)

The GPDP is the Program that is in place to help the development of engineers who enter the workforce. This is tied into the Competency Based Assessment requirements aimed at meeting all requirments at the end of the program making the graduate engineer a full competent engineer. 

Graduate Professional Development Program (GPDP) is a four year Program that all IEPNG registered Graduate undergo upon accepting by the Institute as a Graduate Member. Upon joining IEPNG as a Graduate member and getting accepted, a GPDP Log Book will be issued to the member (including the GPDP invoice) and it contains the Method, guideline and the process of using the Logbook and how to write up report.

A GPDP report must be submitted every six (6) months to the IEPNG for assessing and would continue for the duration of Four (4) years. When the graduate member has successfully submitted all the reports a total of eight (8) reports they are then qualify to be elevated to the next level of their professional status and would be ask by the institution to apply for Full membership to the Institution.


  1. Once the Graduate membership is approved by member service and the Board, a log book is sent out with the Invoice for the current year or four years.

  2. The engineers then fills out first summary sheet and submits with its first month’s report to the office then follow by 6 monthly reports.

  3. Once the yearly report is received from the person then it is sent to the GPDP assessment committee for their assessment and comments if the engineer is doing what he is required to do or need assistance from the office to engage him with another project from time to time with in his location and speciality.

  4. After the four years of his reports, the assessors are able to determine that he is eligible to apply for full registration then they advice the office to advice the graduate and forward him the application forms to be filled out and submit with his full or detailed experience report to the Membership Assessment Committee for upgrade membership to member.

Note: The GPDP is undergoing review and more clarity on its tie to the CBA will be provided on the page in the near future