Joining the Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) starts at different levels or categories per specified below. Membership to IEPNG is through the Competency Based Assessment (CBA) process.

The membership categories are as follows :


If you are an engineer or undergoing an engineering degree program, you are likely to fall under one of the below categories. Each category represents the stage of your engineering career in sequence.

Select one that applies for more information.


If you are not an engineer but work with engineers or have an interest in the engineering profession, you are likely to fall under one of the below categories.

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Student (StudIEPNG)

For students at a college or university undertaking studies in the field of engineering in Papua New Guinea or overseas.

Technician (TechIEPNG)

For professionals  who hold a suitable technician's qualification at diploma or certificate level such as electricians, or mechanics.

Graduate (GIEPNG)

For young engineers who have graduated from recognized university in a field of engineering and with less than 4 years of experience. It is a requirement that the young engineer participates in a Graduate Development Program (GPDP) either with the institute or an institute endorsed graduate development program. They shall be engaged in engineering works for their experience.

Companion (CompIEPNG)

For professionals who possess a tertiary qualification in a profession related to engineering and they attained a position of responsibility in a profession or calling other than engineering. A companion is a person whose membership that has a advantageous link between their profession and the profession of engineering. As example of this is Computer Science or Information Technology professionals.

Member (MIEPNG)

For all engineers who have had 4 or more years of experience and graduated from a recognised university in a field of engineering. The engineer shall gain membership after satisfying requirements for the Competency Based Assessment (CBA).

The CBA also provides an alternate route to becoming a member where the individual has had more than ten years of engineering practice and be employed in responsible positions of engineering and demonstrate a good engineering education.


Fellow (FIEPNG)

For all experienced engineers who have been a member of the Institution for at least three years, be of high standing in their engineering profession and having held important positions of responsibility. They have significantly contributed to the Mission of the Institution.


Honorary Fellow (HonFIEPNG)

An Honorary Fellow is a person who is distinguished by work in engineering, science or otherwise whom the Institution desires to honour. This grade of membership is by nomination only and totally dependent on the institution.


Membership Application Process

Membership to the Institution in any of the categories goes through the below application process. This is all managed through the Members Portal when you apply for membership by creating your membership profile.

CBA Process

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