Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The respect which society accords the engineering and technology professions is earned and maintained by its members demonstrating a strong and consistent commitment to ethical values that the community accepts and recognises.

These commitments are additional to the obligations that every member of society is required to observe - such as obeying the law - and reflect the additional responsibility expected of all professionals.

It therefore follows that the Institution must maintain an appropriate Code of Ethics, to publish it for the information of the public, and to enforce it impartially. This Code must be responsive to the changing expectations of both society and the profession and the global standards to which the Institution subscribes.

The Code of Ethics is based on five fundamental ethical values set out in the Rules of the Institution. The Code is a set of principles to guide members in achieving the high ideals of professional life.

The five fundamental ethical values are:

  1. Protection of Life and Safeguarding People
  2. Sustainable Management and Care for the Environment
  3. Community Well Being
  4. Professionalism, Integrity and Competence
  5. Sustaining Engineering Knowledge
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