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The Institution of Engineers Papua New Guinea Incorporated upgraded website was established by Mr. Andrew Hemetsberger, a 2010 Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology. He coordinated the establishment of the upgraded website by working with the website designer and the staff and Council of IEPNG.

Below lists the things that he did to make the website into what it is: 


  • He put forth the idea as a presentation and sent to the IEPNG Council for consideration
  • The response given was to hold a separate meeting with the Council based in Port Moresby to discuss update. This which was held on the 4-Aug-17
  • Only 1 Council Member attended (Mrs. Edea Bouraga) together the IEPNG CEO and the staff. The remaining Council Members were contacted via email for endorsement the same day
  • Full endorsement was received from Council on 1-Nov-17 of the idea to upgrade the website


  • Website work scope definition and requirements was put together for sourcing website designers
  • Web developers (both national and international) were contacted to get a proposal on how to upgrade website
  • 5x web developers (Daltron, Foundary, ICT Shak, LinkPad, WebHost) were contacted with each providing a proposal on how to achieve the scope and provide a schedule
  • Definition and scope together with recommendation on web developer was presented and approved by the Council in July 2018
  • ICT Shak, based in Brisbane, was awarded the contract to upgrade website as the best evluated proposal


  • ICT Shak initial payment and engagement was done to begin with the work after schedule and roadmap was established
  • Website wireframes, sections and other relevant information was established through weekly engagement with IEPNG office and Council Member (Mr. Franz Hemetsberger and Dr. John Kiu) which was implemented
  • An initial screen of how the website would look like was shown to the members at the 2018/2019 Annual General Meeting at Hilton Hotel
  • Content on the existing website was taken and reviewed and reformatted including producing inforgraphics to make it more visuals to engineers or the public to make sense of the information (help was provided by Mr. Shane DSiguria on this)


  • Write up of website continued to establish all sections of the website
  • with training sessions held with staff members to get them up to speed with website
  • This is a defining moment for the Instititution as this was going to be the new way to work through the website
  • The website was handed over to the office by Mr. Andrew Hemetsberger on the 20th May 2020
  • Website was launched at Lamana Hotel at the 2019/2020 Annual General Meeting on the 24th July 2020

As part of the website, the following were also established for the betterment of the Institution: 

  1. Established style guide which defines the Branding of the institution from use of colors, logo, fonts
  2. Established presentation templates, report templates, email footer standardization and letterhead templates
  3. Enabled the online registration system for the Institution to be used for registrations and application processing 

Mr. Andrew Hemetsberger indicated that this was the very first time to work the development of a website. Although this was totally on a voluntary basis and was something out of his area of experience and skills, through the experience, he has gained skills that has helped him develop as an individual. 

It also provides him the satisfaction that this is for the greater good of the engineering profession in Papua New Guinea. He thanked the Institution for the opportunity and for allowing him to take this up and establish the new website and looks forward to seeing IEPNG